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Wedding Ruined By Strippers

A Chinese man who hired two strippers for his son’s wedding has been arrested. Zhang Cheng originally wanted to hire a band but one thing lead to another and he ended up hiring the strippers. Unfortunately hundreds of local  villagers got wind of the sexy act and gatecrashed the venue to get a look see. Mr Zhang was arrested the next day but no one is quite sure why. Hmm, maybe they failed the breast breath test?


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Friggin Local Psychic!

You know what I hate? When a rumor spreads through a Belize village that the American animal sanctuary owners had fed two missing children to their crocs. I really friggin hate that. Cherie and Vince Rose had spent six years building the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Central America in  an effort to save endangered reptiles. Sadly, however, a local psychic told the villagers that two missing local kids  had been killed by the couple and  fed to their 17 crocs. That’s a torching, right there!  Yes, truckloads of angry indigenous Mayans, armed with guns and machetes arrived at the sanctuary and burned it to the ground. Fortunately the Roses weren’t home at the time or they would have found themselves  starring in a real life horror movie.


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Holy Cow

Hey, anyone want my spit?

Hey, anyone want my spit?

Any excuse for a three day mourning ceremony I say. Hundreds of Cambodians have gathered at the home of a villager who owned a holy cow for like a few days.The calf was born this week with skin that looked like crocodile hide and weird leg markings. In its really short life the poor calf has been inundated with locals helping themselves to it’s saliva (yes, that’s right cow spit) to fix ailments like toothaches (please don’t ask). The villagers believe that the calf had mystic powers, reinforced by the fact rain began falling on the drought ridden village following its death. So anywho in countryside superstitious Buddhist Cambodia that means a three day mourning ceremony! The ceremony involves a lot of monetary offerings, incense burning and praying for it’s rebirth into a longer more fruitful life.

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