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Julia Gillard Gets Slammed

Ex Aussie Prime Minister gets the RKO in a viral video


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BodyForm Puts Facbook Ranter Back In HIS Box

When Richard Neill created a Facebook page bitching about how Bodyform (sanitary pad company) had lied for years about the “joys” of women having their periods, they responded …..


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FENTON!!! Jesus Christ, FENTON!!!

FENTON!!! The naughty pooch decided to herd some deer in the park but owner was not so happy trying to herd Fenton!!!!. Oh yes, it has gone viral on Youtube. ….

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Leave It To Bieber

Thirteen year old Rebecca Black’s song Friday has gone viral on the net for all the wrong reasons. Many believe it is the worst friggin pop song ever. Hmm, is Rebecca the new Black? Thoughts?


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You Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

OK, obviously it wasn’t a double plate glass window. A debate is raging over footage of a transit police officer dragging a drunk man off a train and putting his head through a glass window at the West Oakland terminal. An obviously drunk Michael Gibson was filmed by a commuter as he began make a nuisance of himself on the train. Enter Mr policeman who escorts him off and proceeds to take him over to a window. It is unclear whether the man fell forward or was pushed but the window exploded. Both received minor injures and star status on YouTube.


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