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I’m Not Drunk I Have Wine Flu

That poor Czech President Milo Zeman had another bad case of wine flu during a public outing. Mr Zeman insisted he was not plastered but suffering from a virus.


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The Mystery of the Colony Collapse Solved

Put away your deerstalker Miss Marple we have found the murderer. After years of red herrings and garden paths scientists are pretty sure they know who’s been killing the great honeybees of the US. And no, it isn’t the usual suspects…pesticides, genetically modified foods or Keyser Söze. The culprit, or should I say culprits, is a fungus and a virus which have teamed up to produce the ultimate killing machine. The serial killers were tracked down by a special ops team made up of military scientists and entomologists. Originally they thought they were only looking for one killer but after intensive investigation they realized the fungus and virus were working together. Now all they have to do is work on a way to kill  one of culprits so the bee kingdom can live happily ever after. All hail the US military and entomologists! Hmm, now if you could only solve who killed Jonbenet Ramsay!

Psst For those of you out of the loop, for the past 4 years US honeybees have been dying on mass. Known as Colony collapse, the continually death of billions of bees has threatened the agricultural industry.


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