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Hey Google?

Google should remove websites that contain malicious virusesWould you be a darl and do something constructive? Why don’t you clean up the net by running one of  those trawling spiders of yours and remove…block …blow up  all the sites that have spyware and malicious viruses? Oh and don’t say you can’t do it because those algorithms you keep spewing out have been continually sending good websites to oblivion .


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What Is The Filthiest Surface In America?

Just off to fill the car up

OMG, forget the door handle of a public toilet we have a new winner for filthiest thing to touch in the US. Wait for it …it’s gas pump handles. Oh dear lord, evidently they are the number one breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Want to know what else is friggin filthy? Handles of public mailboxes, escalator rails, ATM buttons, parking meters, crosswalk buttons and vending machines. Evidently germs from people’s hands can transfer 7 times before leaving the skin. Seriously?

1st  Psst  Swabs were taken in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia.

2nd Psst Sheez, if only the test had included Mega’s computer mouse!


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Porn Addict Crashes Train Network

What a way for people to find out you are addicted to porn. Some fool Swedish rail worker managed to crash the entire train network by surfing the net for porn at work. The 52 year old had managed to infect the systems with so many nasty viruses the network was incapable of running the trains safely. The signalman was given a warning, but how’s this, the union bosses said the official warning was too harsh and a letter would have been appropriate. Sheez, they could get a job for United Nations or NATO!


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840 Acre Island Could Be Yours

Holy mutant teenagers Batman. Land developers get ready, some prime real estate is about to go under the hammer as soon as the US Government completes their environmental impact statement. It’s just a precaution but they just want to make sure the soon to be defunct highly infectious animal disease center won’t pose a health threat . You guessed it Plum Island will soon be up for grabs. Hmm, how bad can foot and mouth, swine fever, and vesicular stomatitus viruses be? Might just have to wear a mask for a while!

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