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ID Please

German caught using a fake Vladmir Putin driver's licenseOK, here’s the thing German train passenger with fake ID. Just because friends think you look like Vladimir Putin doesn’t mean you should be using a fake (Latvian) driver’s licence bearing the name and photo of the Russian leader. Hmm, especially when he’s in town because that WILL raise suspicion and interrogation by police.


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And The Winner Is?

Vladimir Putin.


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Russian Sleeper Spies Have Sing-along With Putin

When I was a spy....

Don’t get me wrong but shouldn’t Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin be a little less cheery about his get together with the 10 sleeper agents who were recently booted out of the United States. It kind of makes diplomatic relations with the US a little awkward don’t you think?  Sheez, if that was me I’d be bitch slapping them to kingdom come for their complete inability and failure in getting even an itsy bitsy of valuable info out of US in the ten friggin years they were “supposedly” on their mission.  Sheez, hows about that for a big friggin waste of time and money. Russia shouldn’t be proud, they should be hanging their head in shame.In the good old days that was a friggin one way ticket to Siberia.

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Vladimir Gets a Tiger Cub

PETA’s favorite pinup boy Vladimir Putin has been given a tiger cub for his birthday. What friggin fool thought of that? We all know the deal, Putin poses for the camera, tiger cub goes to zoo and when it’s old enough it will be released into the wild where a camouflaged wearing ex Russian president will hon his skills by hunting it down. Gosh, I hope he tapes it so I can add “Lets Learn to Hunt Endangered Species with Vladimir Putin” next to my “Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin” DVD! Come on you want to see the video…

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PETA’s New Pin-up Boy

If ever you were in danger of being mauled by a tiger wouldn’t you want an ex Russian president, ex fighter pilot, self elected Russian Prime Minister armed with a tranquilizer gun.Sure you would. From reports coming out of the Russian media outlets “hero” Vladimir Putin saved a TV crew from certain death after a Siberian tiger escaped from its trap and went for them. The quick thinking Prime Minister instinctively went for his rifle (which he just happened to be holding) and shot the tiger before wrestling it to the ground. Sounds like a few porkies were told in this tale (Kim Jong-il would be proud!). Wanna see the “uncut/edited” footage ?

Is it a Put-In or a Put-On ?

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