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Winehouse back in Rehab I Say Yes, Yes, Yes,

Sculling a miniature bottle of Smirnoff then vomiting in a hair salon toilet before telling staff “I just puked all over your bathroom.”  must mean one thing, Amy Winehouse has decided to go back to rehab. Yep, the trainwreck got in one last swig before checking in for treatment at The Priory.

Want sauce with that?


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Friggin Eyeballing

No people, no. The latest drinking game for young adults is called eyeballing where you pour vodka into your or someone else’s eye. I kid you not. Evidently it gets you drunk quicker (No Duncan, don’t try it!!!). Experts are freaking because vodka is on average 40-50% pure alcohol, which it means it has the ability to strip the friggin top layer of your cornea off. Hmm, better start training up more seeing eye dogs!


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Za Vashe Zdorovie

It vasnt me

It vasnt me

Psst, if you are the dudes from Sydney who stole 17,400 bottles of vodka using a semi trailer, I think the police are looking for you. Thieves, serious alcoholics or Russians crashed the semi through a fence of a business premises before emptying a sea container full of femented potatoes worth $600,000. Hmm, that should keep them going for a few weeks if you are either the Russians or the alcos. A few weeks ago thieves on the other side of the country made off with a container load of designer beer. Well, we can tell which state has more class now, can’t we!


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