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Boomerang Dog Poop

OK, I'm ready for my walk.

and don’t forget to flush…

You might want to keep your pooch from pooping in the streets of Brunete, Spain because there is a good chance you may receive it back in the mail, neatly marked “Lost Property”. Oh yeah. A group of volunteers have been wandering the streets day and night, watching and waiting for a dog to do its thing (and its owner not to). That’s when they innocently stroll up to the owner and casually ask the dog’s name. From there they pick up the poop and then search the name and description of the dog in the town’s pet database and viola, they have an address. Next thing you know, you’re receving a nasty little package in the mail. In February alone pet owners got 147 smelly surprises.  Funnily enough since then Brunete has seen a 70% drop in bad doggy owner behavior.


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Granny, Why Are You Glowing?

Sheez, those Japanese. A group of middle aged pensioners have set up a charity called “Qualified Veterans for Fukushima Nuclear Plant No. 1”. The aim? To help in the reconstruction and decontamination of the leaking nuclear plant.Reason? They consider it better to sacrifice their own  lives rather than let younger people risk theirs. Yep, the “we’re nearer to death” ideology. The group was formed after they heard that authorities were finding it difficult to find enough people willing to go into the contaminate area to help clean up and rebuild . So far they have 450 volunteers (all in their 60’s) willing to sacrifice their lives and of those 90 are quite happy  to work inside the plant. Hmm, makes you feel bad for not standing up for them on a crowded bus now, doesn’t it?


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Volunteers For Mars


OK loons, want to go to Mars? Hmm, just one slight catch, it’s a one way trip. Yep, you ain’t never coming back because basically NASA are on a budget and it’s way too expensive to fly you back and friggin fro. The project is being headed by Pete Worden (who runs one of NASA’s top research centers). Volunteers will be expected to establish a colony on Mars and eventually become self sufficient.So are you in?


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Wanna Go Looking For Yeren?


Idiots! With my GPS app, they'll never find me!


Oh for the love of things that go bump in the night, Chinese scientists are hoping to find sponsors with a shit load of money ($1.5 million) to fund an expedition to find Yeren. OK, you ignorant loons, Yeren is  China’s equivalent to Bigfoot. In the past few decades there have been over 400 sightings of this elusive creature who lives in a remote mountainous area of China. Yeren (aka Wild Man) is described as 6 ft 7 ” with a healthy coat of grey, red or black hair (hmm, could be any exiled basketball player). The Hubei Wild Man Research Association is also hoping to find brave and fearless volunteers from around the world to join in the search. Good luck with that!

Psst Have you ever thought, maybe Yeren doesn’t want to be found? Odds are if they do find the creature it will be shot and dissected before you could say bippity  boppity boo!


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