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Attention Voters

Um, to all those people still voting in the US Presidential election, STOP!!! It’s over. Obama wins. Meanwhile Mitt is going through his binder  trying to find answers.


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American Idol Backlash

American Idol may have done it’s dash after popular rocker James Durbin was voted off tonight.The backlash from fans could see the show’s finale turn into an enormous  fizzle as angry viewers take to the forums venting their disapproval.Many are denouncing the show as “rigged” or   “Country Idol” and vow never to watch it again. This follows last nights fiasco where one of the contestants, Haley Reinhart, chucked a wobbly after JLo and Randy gave her a bit of constructive criticism. This incident probably lead to James’ downfall as he was singled out as the one to beat. There are also suggestions there was confusion over voting numbers last night after they suddenly changed the order of the performers. Always a friggin conspiracy!

The show will now have two country singers and one very smug Reinhart (who is copping it bad on the forums) fighting it out in the finals in two weeks.

For those of you unaware James Durbin suffers from a mild form of Autism (Asperger) and Tourettes. His appearance on Idol gave many who suffer the same infliction hope and belief that they can follow their dreams no matter the obstacles. For this I think James already won. Now go and make a record.

Psst I for one won’t be watching it  because  it’s like friggin Disney Channel now!


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Fashion Police Have Arrest Warrant out for Japanese Prime Minister

Want to know what will send your popularity plummeting 9 points? Just ask the Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. He wore this multicolored monstrosity and kaboom, approval rating nose dived! Voters are concerned he is living in the past, specifically the 1980’s!

Boy George rang, he wants his shirt back!


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Whose Been a Naughtly Little Psycho Chook Then?

Who me?

Who me?

It’s not every country that can boast having a Psycho Chook leader but Australia can. Beat that Kim Jong Il. Senator Joyce, Nationals leader in the Upper House said of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “The guy’s a psycho chook.Who in their right mind gets onto a plane and because he doesn’t get the right colour birdseed has a spack attack?”. Hmm, seems recent polls suggest the Australian public agree. Yes 43% of voters believe Mr Rudd gets rather nasty when he doesn’t get his way. Precious Kev is prone to tantrums. I guess it doesn’t help when his staff keep quitting on him and he made a steward cry. It’s enough to make a grown man grab his hairdryer!

Psst For the non Aussies let me help you out a bit ; Chook – chicken, spack attack – lose the plot, Kevin Rudd- Psycho Chook.


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