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Vultures Eat Tourist

Vultures eat touristWhat is worse than falling 300m to your death? That,  plus being devoured by vultures who leave only a few bones, clothes and your shoes for rescuers to find. Hmm, seems it took about 40 minutes for the nasty beasts to eat the tourist who had been trekking in the French Pryenees. So scratching that off my bucket list!


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Church vs Vultures

Church hangs dead vulture from steepleHoly roof eating birds from hell, Batman. The Bethlehem Baptist Church in North Carolina has a little prob. They have been over run with vultures. So much so they have commissioned someone to make a dead vulture effigy in an attempt to scare them off. The effigy is hanging upside down from the church’s steeple. Begone roof eating vultures.


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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are

We know you're in there!

OK, move over Bubba bear we have a new winner, a friggin flock of 35 hostile vultures. Nancy Cox who lives in Ridgeway, Virginia is being harassed by the birds and claims they are slowly chewing their way into her house. The vultures watch her through the window and fly at her doors to try to get in. Unfortunately half the problem is she has rubber roofing and they love nothing better than picking at it. They have picked enough off to make it leak when it rains. At one stage she even  hired a man to fire shotgun blanks at them but they pretty much ignored him. She is desperately trying to get a licence to kill, because it is illegal to just go out and shoot them.


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