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Waiter Fail

You know what I hate? When you get your restaurant receipt and it has “fat girls” printed on it. Seems the waiter added it to identify the customers. Needless to say they were really , really pissed.


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Worst Waiter Line EVER

I went out to a trendy little Mexican restaurant tonight and I ask the waiter what he would recommend and he said ” Do you like tongue?” Regrets , he had a few!!!!!


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German Chancellor Wears 4 Beers

Oh my, a German waiter did a whoopsie and ended up spilling 4 beers down the back of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s neck, coat, back and hair.The unfortunate waiter then topped off the incident by saying “shit”. Sheez, if he did that in 1944, he’d be goose stepping to hell.


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