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Stinking Wal-Mart Customers

Geez hon, could have saved it for later!

The people of Wal-Mart can be such kidders. Take for instance the 51 year old man who waltzed into the South Kitsap Wal-Mart and threw around “Stink Bombs” liquid and sprayed “Super Fart Spray” amongst the shoppers. What a scream! Blahaha, some of the 75 shoppers even noticed the stench and evacuated pretty damn smartly  (while others took a little more time blaming their spouses). Anywho, the smell was friggin gag worthy and the fire department was called in to investigate. They eventually found the culprit who bragged he had more stinky shit in his car. When asked why he did it,  he replied because he thought it would be funny. Damn straight it was funny! He’s definitely a keeper!


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You Might Want To Skip The Meat Section

Oh dear, an Ohio man entered a Walmart store and proceeded to the meat counter where he pissed on $600 worth of steaks. Robert Jenkins was later charged with felony vandalism and disorderly conduct. Neither police or Wal-Mart staff have a clue what motivated him to urinate on the steaks but suspect drugs or alcohol may have been involved. Hmm, I suspect alcohol, because you would have to have a pretty full bladder to do that kind of damage.


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Woman Headbutts and Urinates On Security Guard

OK, here’s the thing Marilyn Cole, headbutting and pissing on a Wal-Mart security guard is gonna get you a friggin date with the law. The would-be Wal-Mart thief had just nicked some make-up and curtains with a friend when she was spotted by a security guard. As he tried to stop them from making their great escape in a car he was head-butted and fell backwards into the car. It was here it got a little ugly, Cole sat on him and as he tried to call 911 on his phone, she fought him for it and in the ensuing battle she urinated on him. Wal-Mart Security guy 0, seriously gross thief 0, car seat 0… no winners here!


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Silence of The Lambs

Hmm, still looks a tad unremorseful!

Hmm, still looks a tad unremorseful!

OK people, hands up who has come across a screaming child in Walmart and wished for nothing more than someone to slap it quiet? Come on, I am talking “wish” not “actually” doing it. Well stand back people, we have a winner. Yes, 61 year old Roger Stephens became so annoyed by a toddler’s incessant crying while he was shopping in Wal-Mart, he slapped her several times after warning the kid’s mom “If you don’t shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you.”. After he finished the slaps he turned to the horrified mom and said “See, I told you I would shut her up.” Geez Mr, I hope you don’t get a woman judge or your screwed! Child cruelty charges doesn’t look good on anyone’s resume!


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Friggin Cheap DVD Players

Cheap Chinese DVD players Walmart recallOK people, don’t panic but if you have bought a Durabrand DVD player (made in China) for under thirty bucks from Wal-mart, step away from it right now. Yes, make that nice and slow because there is a high friggin chance it will explode, ignite or attack your other appliances! The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned that there are 1.5 million of these suckers out there, just waiting to burn your house down. So far five of them have succeeded in starting fires. If you happen to have one, approach with caution, unplug it, put it in a bag and return it ASAP to your nearest Wal-mart for a full refund. Better they burn down than your house!

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