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No Win

wolf in sheepsA couple in Bearman country have skedaddled after dropping their 9 year old adoptive son (whom they have had since he was 3 months old) at the Butler County Children Services offices. Evidently, the child’s behavior has put them at wit’s end. The child is prone to angry outbursts and has threaten to stab the family to death.  They are currently on the run with their two other children. Why, oh why, haven’t child services helped these people, instead of creating fugitives out of frustrated parents?


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Equal Opportunity Drug Cartel

Angie Sanselmente Valencia and her all girl drug cartel  are believed to be one of the largest drug gangs in the world. Unlucky for Angie she is also now on an International wanted list. The ex lingerie model left Columbia to set up her empire in Argentina after splitting from Mexican drug baron “The monster” and was doing quite nicely thank you very muchly until someone dobbed her into police in Buenos Aires. Her bevy of beauties  specialized in attracting only admiration as they traveled  back and forth from Columbia to Cancun and Mexico carrying bags of cocaine. Hmm, Argentina’s Next Top Model Cartel.

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