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Wake Up The World Has Changed

When an Australian Jihadist lets his young son hold the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier and posts the photo on Twitter with the caption ‘That’s my boy’ ,we have to question what on earth is going on? Why are we continuing to let these type of people fester and spread their hatred in our country? Unfortunately, we live in this bubble of “politically correctness” that only works in one direction.  There is difference between multiculturalism and hidden agenda. Wake up people, the world has changed. When someone holds their religion above their family and places no value on human life (because they believe to die a martyr will get them a front row ticket to heaven) the ramifications are catastrophic. Unless we realise this, and start adjusting , we will be heading into a future of hell.

Psst And to those who continue to sprout “It won’t happen here”. Well, it already has!!!!


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Contested Waters And The Missing Malaysian Airline

sherlock 2China and Vietnam are currently involved in a serious dispute over  contested South China Sea waters which Washington fears may escalate into full out war. Now call me crazy, but didn’t the Mayalsian Airlines disappear immediately after  flying into Vietnamese airspace? I certainly hope the plane was not shot down by the Vietnamese and this on going search is just a ruse to avoid an international incident and another potential war.  I still harp back to that oil rig guy who saw an explosion in the air around the time the plane went missing.


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UN Goes From Passive To Aggressive

Now who's going to do my perm?

Oh crap, seems the world is at war with Gaddafi. The UN has finally swapped their strongly worded letters for fighter jets and have now declared Libya a “no-fly zone”.Which means, among other things, France and Britain have the thumbs up to shoot the shit out of Gaddafi’s key military targets and anything that could harm civilians. American and European officials have declared attacks could take place within hours. The UN finally decided enough was enough, condemning Mad Dog’s “gross and systematic violation of human rights” and agreed the world couldn’t sit back and watch innocent people be bombed by a despot (with bad fashion sense). Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

UPDATE : Gaddafi says yes to a ceasefire then continues to attack. UN back to sending strong worded letter.

Psst I can hear Kim Jong Il giggling from behind his pile of strongly worded letters!


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