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Hey, Remember The Time We Went To Caesarland?

Kid? That's right, our friggin kid, doh!

Picture this, you are a three year old and your parents have just treated you to a birthday party at Caesarland in Warren with pizza, presents and friends when all of a sudden everyone’s gone except you. No worries, they’ll be back right? Nope. 8 o’clock ticks by, then 8.30, 9.00pm not a sign of them. 36 friggin hours later the father rocks up at Caesarland looking for him, like it’s a friggin child care center! He soon learns his child is safe and sound in the custody of Child Protective Services. Excuse I hear you say? OK, here goes…father thought mother had picked him up (they are separated but live in the same apartment complex) and mother thought he or his grandmother had taken him. Happy birthday kid, your parents might be getting themselves an abandonment charge to remember it by.


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Walking knife Sheath

Dude, rad body pierce !

OK, you get stabbed in the chest with a 5 inch knife all the way to the handle, you call 911, then what? Well if you are the 52 year old dude from Warren, Michigan you walk a mile to the Brayz’s Hamburger joint in Hazel Park and order a coffee. I hear they are good. The owner said he walked in, ordered the coffee and said he was waiting for an ambulance ….meanwhile  horrified diners instantly lose their appetite. The man, who was stabbed after being asked for money, described his attacker as being tall with a goatee and  wearing a hooded sweatshirt . Hmm, which just about describes  every thug on the friggin planet.


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