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We Are Up To 18

For several years I have been posting about the random severed feet ( in sneakers) washing up on the coast of British Colombia. With each new foot, authorities continue to dismiss the theory that a serial killer is at large, instead  claiming the feet belong to suicide victims. I don’t know, 18 severed feet in sneakers….gotta be going hmmm at some stage, right ?

PSST: I hope for the authorities sake there isn’t some friggin psycho with a wood chipper…..just saying.


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Washed Up Feet Mystery Solved

You can stop with the conspiracy theories now, the case of the floating human feet in sneakers has been solved.Yep, remember how all those feet in shoes that randomly washed up on to beaches in Canada and Washington State?  Hmm, well an investigation has determined most of the feet belonged to suicide victims who had jumped from a bridge over the Fraser River. Seems when the bodies decomposed in the water the feet were protected from hungry fish, thanks to the rubber soled shoes they were wearing. And that, my friends, is mystery solved.


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It’s Safe In Japan

Here’s a question loons. Guess what the search parties are finding 100s of washed up on the shores after the Japanese tsunami? Take a wild guess? Metal safes, friggin hundreds and hundreds of them but in typical Japanese style they remain unopened and stored at police stations waiting for their owners to come forward. It has long been a problem in Japan where elderly people like to stash their cash at home. It is one main reason why it is estimated $350 billion worth of yen doesn’t circulate. In Japan it is called ‘tansu yokin’ (wardrobe savings). Anywho there are so many safes (presumably full of valuables and cash) being collected and handed over to police they are struggling to find storage space for them all. Many survivors are believed to have been left penniless after storing their life savings in safes instead of the banks. In a desperate effort to locate the owners police are considering opening the safes in the hope of finding some kind of identification inside.

Psst What an amazing culture, in any other country in the world those safes would never have made it to a police station. We have a lot to learn.


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Dead Fish and Chips

OMG, if you thought dead blackbirds was bad, New Zealand authorities say hundreds of dead snapper have washed up on a beach on the country’s North Island. Some witnesses who had binoculars said they could see a “carpet of floating fish further out to sea all along the coast”. Many of the fish already had their eyes pecked out by birds.The Department of Conservation said they could have starved due to weather conditions but many claim they looked big and healthy. The Fisheries Ministry is currently investigating to see if a fishing vessel has dumped its load.

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Footless in Seattle

Just when you thought it was safe to walk along the beach and not find a severed foot in a shoe, viola, the eighth pops up.  Sheez, for two year I have been reporting about these friggin human feet being found along the waterways between Vancouver and Seattle. Investigators have been stumped (lame joke alert) in trying to identify who the feet belong to, except for two. Yes, they have identified two of the feet, which were a matching pair, to a woman. As for the rest, they have no idea. The latest foot is a little different because there was no shoe found with it but police believe it belongs to a woman or a child.


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Anyone Missing a Leg?

If you have lost a prosthetic left leg with a Willie Nelson sticker on it please  give the Jacksonville Beach Police Department a ring, it washed up on the beach.


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