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What was He Thinking?

Seriously Mr Pilot, when an engine blows on your plane with over 350 people on board PLEASE don’t ask the passengers to pray. The AirAsia flight was about 90 minutes into its flight from Perth to Malaysia when kaboom…the left engine blew up. The plane began vibrating like a washing machine and passengers began fearing the worse. That’s when the pilot came over the intercom announcing they were turning back for an emergency landing . He ended his announcement with ‘I hope you all say a prayer, I will be saying a prayer too and let’s hope we all get back home safely’. Evidently that is when people started reaching for their life jackets fearing the plane would plunge into the ocean at any moment. I would have been been emptying that drinks trolley and rocking in the crash fetal position

PSST The airline is claiming the incident was nothing more than a “technical ” issue.

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Baby Dies In Washing Machine

OMG, a ten day old baby girl has been found dead after her mom put her in a washing machine and she went through the entire spin cycle (over 40 minutes). The baby was discovered by a relative who found Lyndsey Fiddler passed out on the couch , the baby missing and the washing machine making a strange banging noise. Oklahoma police suspect Fiddler was taking crystal meth when Maggie May was placed in the machine with a pile of clothes.  Fiddler has been charged with second degree manslaughter. Sadly, family members of Fiddler had tried unsuccessfully to have parental rights revoked before she gave birth to Maggie May.


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Bye-Bye White Good!!!

This is the funniest video of a washing machine self destructing you’ll see all day …

Psst The finale is worth waiting for!!!


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Cat Goes For A Spin

Zoro is one lucky cat. Somehow the curious little feline managed to sneak into a loaded washing machine (probably for a little shut eye) without his owner knowing. Next thing he knew his was on the hot cycle being tumbled around with suds and dirty undies. Enter fire brigade who rescued the soaked puddy cat from a potential watery grave. Zoro is now the cleanest cat in Germany.

Psst Geez I hope he didn’t shrink?


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