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Batman Downgrades To A Lamborghini Batmobile

Even Batman isn’t above the law…. Na na na na na na


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Suicide Bomber’s Epic Fail

Oh for the love of Allah, a Moroccan man has been busted big time in Washington DC after donning on a suicide vest and heading into the heart of the US capital  to do some kabooming. What Amine el Khalifi didn’t know was the vest was a friggin fake, provided by undercover FBI agents who he thought were Al Qaeda operatives. Oh awkward! Guess he’ll be kicking himself.

Psst So they hand out suicide vests? Sheez, I always thought they built them themselves. Lazy bastards to boot!


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Don’t Mess With the Raccoons

Rac in the hood

Gangsta raccoons are terrorizing commuters at the Fort Totten station in DC. Hmm, seems the thug family of raccoons get a kick out of chasing passengers near the entry and exit. Definitely a turf war. Thank god they don’t know how to point a gun!


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No Need To Panic


When Reagan Airport in Washington DC lost radio contact with a Piedmont Airlines flight today they went a little 9/11, scrambling fighter jets, evacuating the US Capitol building and basically freaking the hell out. But anywho, it was all a false alarm, the plane finally made contact with controllers and landed without incident. Hmm, I’m guessing the therapist will be busy this week!

Psst Isn’t Obama holidaying in Hawaii?


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Golden arches/ pearly gates, I’m guessing Maccas execs aren’t going to be too Mchappy with this TV commercial which is planning to be aired in Washington DC this week.


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Just Another Reason To Hate Friggin Clowns

OMG, just when you thought clowns only scared the shit out of you at night, there comes this  story out of Washington. Fonzie the Clown has been charged with a sex offence on a 14 year old girl. It is alleged that Fonzie (aka Alphonso Pittman) had  “placed both his hands up the front of her dress” after pulling money out of his pocket and saying  “How much you worth?”. The clown has been sitting in a Washington DC jail for three weeks as he is still on probation for another sex abuse incident which happened in 2006. The clown will never learn.


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