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Calling Erin Brockovich, Erin Brockovich to the front counter please

No need to panic people

No need to panic people

I’m hoping no one is sipping water in West Virginia because I hear  4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol can be a bitch (despite it smelling like licorice). Freedom Industries have made a brief apology to the 300,000 residents who can’t even brush their teeth thanks to their 35,000 gallon of toxic crap that leaked from a storage tank and straight into the water suppy. We bad? Every friggin enviromental agency in the US is shaking their collective heads and muttering “we knew this would happen.”

Psst Seriously, I think I would move.


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Link Between the Pill and Prostate Cancer

No need for alarm people  but doctors in Canada believe there is a link between oral contraceptive pills and  prostate cancer. No silly, men aren’t taking them!!! It seems that the estrogen from the birth control pills are being excreted through women’s pee, into the toilets and ending up in our friggin water supply systems. Hello, chemicals that interfere with hormones have a good chance of leading to cancer. Dear god, NOW, everybody panic!  Researchers have long been concerned about the increase of prostate cancer over the past 40 years which coincides with the increase use of the pill.


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What A Hoot


Ewh, step away from the water in Weston folks, its full of owl poop. Yep, a public works employee in the small town in Oregon discovered E.Coli bacteria in the water and went to investigate. Hmm, seems an itty bitty owl has built a nest over the town’s water supply and has been using it as a toilet. The water is currently unsafe to drink.

Psst And no FF, I haven’t got footage of the owl in action!


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Honey, Why Are My Undies Green?

I wouldn't even swim in it!

OK here’s the thing people from Indianapolis, the bad taste and smell in your drinking water is caused by an early algae outbreak, so no need to panic just drink up! Seems the algae bloom has affected around 70% of Indianapolis Water causing it to smell and taste like mold. But good news, officials say it’s safe to drink. Hmm, time for a beer!

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