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Step Away From The Tap And Start Talking In A Squeaky Voice

Oh dear lord, toxic water. Thanks farmers and the goddam drought. Seems all the sucking up of ground water has increased the levels of arsenic in some areas of California. One woman who bathed her 4 year son in tap water said he has developed arsenic related bumps on his head. Oh and for those not worried about being poisoned, Helium-3 is also leaking from the earth in Southern California. Inconvenient truth.


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Like Selling Ice To Eskimos

Way to go Tesco and Asda, they have come up with a brilliant scam. Sell the public bottled tap water but don’t mention the fact on the label. Yes, the sneaky little British shopping chains are filtering water from the mains water then plonking them in plastic bottles and selling them for 17p (50 cents) for a 2 litre bottle. That’s cheap you say? Hmm, well if you just turned on your tap at home and filled an empty bottle it would cost you a third of a penny for basically the exact same thing. Plus you wouldn’t have to friggin cart it home. In an even smarter move the chains have placed the water on shelves right next to Evian and Perrier.

Psst Dear god, if they did it in Australia, odds would be it be it came from recycle sewage water.

Want sauce with that?


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It’s In The Water

Oh my, the mayor of a Peruvian town has stumbled across what he believes to be the reason for an increase of gays in his area.It’s all to do with the local water supply and the presence of the metal Strontium in it. Mayor José Benítez has warned residents of Huarmey, during the opening of a local water project, to expect more homosexuals because Strontium reduces male hormones. Evidently he remembers a TV program a few years back which claimed the town of Tabalosos, which is now the water source for Huarmey, has a population of predominantly gay men. Oh what would he know. Scientists say the metal, which occurs naturally, can cause bone cancer, anemia or cardiovascular complications when consumed in very high doses but won’t turn your son gay.


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One Little Girl Is Going To Heaven

Grab those Kleenexs Loons. Last month Rachel Beckwith told everyone that instead of presents for her birthday this year she wanted everyone to donate to a charity that provided fresh water to families in developing countries. Sadly, Rachel died in a car accident on Saturday after being taken off life support. However, word soon spread about her fundraising wish. Enter website, Facebook and Twitter. One little girl’s wish has now raised over $130,000 in donations.


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Can They Do That?

I went for a dip and my friggin hair fell out!!

Oh my, it seems the authorities at Japan’s  Fukushima nuclear plant are going to begin releasing 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean to make more room in the storage tanks for the more highly contaminate liquids. Um, the Japanese government said  the water which will be released poses no immediate threat to humans. Hmm, and by immediate you mean?


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Yeah, About that!

No, everything is cool!

OK, here’s the thing Japanese people freaking over the announcement that 10 million times higher radiation levels were found in water at the Fukushima nuclear plant, it was a mistake. Whoopsie, sorry about that.Tokyo Electric Power said they messed up the readings of iodine and cobalt in the water and are very sorry for the inconvenience and fear it may have caused. So now that is clear, all the Samurai 50 have to do is remove the radioactive water from the four units and find a safe place to store it. Hmm, North Korea?


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Chemical Nightmare

OK people,  no need to panic but Spanish researchers are claiming that swimming in chlorinated pools can increase the risk of cancer. The good news is that it can be offset by showering before swimming, wearing a bathing cap and refraining from urinating (it isn’t clear whether that was before,  during  or after swimming). Anywho, a more pressing problem is the fact that chlorine is added to most water supplies. We’re doomed I say, doomed!


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Water On The Moon, Who Friggin Knew!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

OK, call me cynical (or a Friggin Loon) but you gotta kinda question the whole moon landing thingy when India finds evidence of large quantities of water on the moon (hmm, there goes the cheese theory!). What the hell were you Apollo boys doing up there? Geez, India finds water on their first friggin lunar mission. No wonder Obama isn’t giving you another friggin cent! Lazy assed astronauts!

So anywho what does this all mean? Well, apart from no more urine drinking, it opens the floodgates for the race to colonize the moon (just as soon as they learn how to land on it!). Personally I think, do away the death sentence, send every friggin perp up there and turn it into a global prison. Sort of like Guantanamo Bay with orange spacesuits. Hey, it isn’t like you have to build anything, let them have the lot. Think of it as just like a new Australia!

Psst You mark my words, if the water is drinkable they will be selling bottled Lunar Liquid Water at $456,000 a pop!

Psst Hey by the way, while you are up there, can you look for the friggin waving flag! Odds are you wont find it !


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