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Effective Punishment For Kids

Just because you are a renowned pediatrician doesn’t mean you can’t waterboard your daughter every now and again, gosh. Dr Melvin Morse has been accused of holding his 11 year old daughter’s head under a tap and forcing the water up her nose as a form of punishment (sheez, what did she do?). The life of the Morse family began unraveling after a neighbor reported the dear Doc to police after seeing him drag his daughter across the driveway of their house by her ankles. Later the daughter allegedly told authorities  about the waterboarding. Both mom and dad have been arrested. Hmm, Christmas is going to be awkward.

Want sauce with that?


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Father Waterboards His Daughter

US soldier Joshua Tabor decided that if waterboarding was good enough for terrorists it was good enough for his 4 year old daughter. Yes, the soldier, who became enraged that his child couldn’t recite her ABCs, submerged her face in water over three times . He told police he did it because he knew she was terrified of water. Hmm another poster boy for bad parenting.

Psst Might want to add ABCs to her fears!


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