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What Happens When A Lawyer Learns Photoshop ?

Way to reinforce your reputation . A lawyer is facing suspension after she photoshopped herself mingling with Hollywood elite and then posting the fake photos on her website to attract clients.

photo shop


Psst  What does a lawyer get when you give him Viagra?



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Just When Mitt Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

I thought he lost!!!!

Could it get any worse for Romney? Yes it can. Seems Mitt had a new website ready to roll for when he won the election. It was basically blah, blah, blahing about getting people back to work and inviting everyone to his “inauguration”. Obviously no one told his advisers he had lost because the site went live the day after Obama was announced the  winner. Sheez, more awkward than a binder full of women huh?


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The Abandoned Ginger Seal Finds Her Mojo

Remember the poor ginger seal who was found under logs on a Russian beach after being shunned by his family and friends for being different? You remember, don’t you? Well, that lonely little seal has become the star attraction at a Russian zoo. No one puts Nafanya in the corner. The red headed seal not only has her own pad with pool but she has her own website which includes a live webcam. Some lonely red headed seals get all the luck!!! You wanna see spoiled  Nafanya’s new digs? You can right here.

That was me... lonely , abandoned and ginger

Look at me now ....still ugly but happy


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Murdoch’s The Sun Hacked Again

Oh dear, it seems those naughty little hackers have been throwing slings and arrows at Murdoch’s online newspaper The Sun again. This is what I got about 2 minutes ago.

Yes, of course I clicked the link …..

Egads, they were  either hacked or have totally rebranded via WordPress.

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The Sun Goes Down

Thought those pesky hackers had vanished didn’t you? Well, you were wrong, LulSec are back and they have just taked down The Sun’s online news website. Murdoch just can’t take a trick! The internet pranksters placed a hoax story on the site announcing Murdoch had been foun dead in his garden of an overdose. Once the story was removed they went hacking again and redirected the traffic to it’s Twitter page. LOL! So much for them calling it quits.

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Westboro Plan to Picket Ronnie James Dio’s Funeral

Blahaaha, this should be interesting, Westboro Church are planning to picket Ronnie James Dio’s (the lead singer of Black Sabbath) funeral. Good luck with that, last time I looked, heavy metal rockers don’t take too kindly to religious nutters. Hmm, I wonder if Ozzy will be there, better yet…SHARON!!!!!
Their picketing schedule posted on “god hates fags” website reads in part…..”Ronnie the simpleton enabled, and encouraged Sorceries: everything he was about including the little finger horn thing (he got this from his mother which is an incantation to ward off the “evil eye”) to the drugs, bloody raw meat and his fellowship with those pentagram necklace wearing freakish band members. Yes, Ronnie James Padova (NOT DIO) is currently residing in hell.”

Psst Dio is the Italian word for “God”


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Make That Bitch Itch

You know, just when you thought you’d seen everything, some dude sets up a website selling pubic lice for the purpose of revenge “Make that bitch itch.” OMG. Yes, Crab Revenge is a British website selling these evil little parasites for the sole intend of seeking revenge on anyone who has ever pissed you off. Ohh and you have a series of choices, you can purchase the green package which contains one colony with up to 30 eggs, the blue package which is the same except you receive three vials (economy pack) or the red package which is the nastiest of all. The red package contains…wait for it…”shampoo resistant F strain crabs,” which bite like bitches, take two weeks to go away and itch like there ain’t no tomorrow!  Hmm, don’t believe me huh? Check it out crabsrevenge. com.

Psst Here is hoping this is a joke !!!


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