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My Bad

Iz just couldnt helpz myself, it smelled so goodz…iz sorryz mummy….

Bella the Lab ate a wedding cake on the day of the wedding. The cake was suppose to be being looked after by the bridesmaid   Someone forgot to check the latch on Bella’s cage….  “When I got up in the morning and opened the kitchen door I screamed and burst into tears. The cake was totally destroyed and Bella was sitting there looking at the ground knowing very well that she was in big, big trouble.”

In a desperate plea the bridesmaid and her partner frantically searched for a cake maker to whip something up to replace the crumbled mess. They eventually found someone to get them out of the mess. Well played Bella!

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That Cake’s A Fake

Bride upset over fake cake

You wish!

OMG, when a newly wed couple cut into their wedding cake they weren’t expecting it to be friggin polystyrene. Seems the cake company stuffed up the order and didn’t have time to bake a real one so they whacked the icing on some polystyrene and hoped no one would notice! Wrong. The couple had paid £270 in advance to confectioners Creative Cakes in Wales for their three-tier sponge cake featuring white and dark chocolate icing and flowers but were shocked to discover 4 hours before the reception it hadn’t been baked. They were told not to worry there would be a cake, hmm, just not an edible one.

Psst They were awarded £310 in compensation.


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