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Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing Diet

Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing DietOMG, some Hollywood yoga guru has asked all the guests invited to her wedding to go on a three-week cleanse before the big day. Evidently, she wants them all ‘to look and feel their best’. The “cleanse” is a special diet designed by none other than the bride to be. You know what? NO. Why can’t people love me for the slob I am, and while you are at it pass me another glass of that sugar free organic champers.

Psst She’s lucky I wasn’t invited!!!


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Wedding Fail

Holy mud brick house Batman. Over 65 people have died during a wedding in a remote area of Afghanistan after the top floor of a mud brick house collapsed. Most of the dead were women and children. The provincial Governor said “People don’t build such strong houses as they do in the city,” Hmm, no shit Sherlock!  I’m guessing the honeymoon is pretty much over!

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Wedding Ends In Tragedy

You know what I hate? When 28 of of your wedding guests get friggin electrocuted to death when their bus hits a power line! I really hate that! The accident happened in India when a metal cabinet tied on top of the bus touched a high voltage cable and zapped the occupants.

Psst I hope the cabinet wasn’t a wedding present!


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