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While You Were Sleeping

Bride accidentally sleeps wth groomsmanTalk about awkward. A bride on her wedding night  got up in the middle of the night for a twinkle but when she returned she hopped into the wrong bed. The bed in question was that of the hubby’s groomsman and YES they did. When she awoke the next morning and discovered her mistake she ran out screaming “rape!!!!” When the groomsman refused to pay $3,500 the couple demanded , they went to the police. The court ruled it wasn’t rape just bad luck … or good luck if you were the groomsman.

Psst China


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A Night To Remember

This can not end well, have they not seen Incident Proposal? A German couple are offering a complete stranger the chance to have sex with the woman on her wedding night. Evidently, it has been their long time fantasy to have a stranger seduce the bride and then have sex with her in front of hubby. The couple posted the fantasy on a auction site without any restrictions, meaning the highest bidder wins. Hmm, I can imagine they are going to get some keepers!!! Oh did I mention the lucky chap gets to foot the bill for the hotel?

Psst Wonder if she’ll wear white?


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And They Are Off to a Good Start.

A newlywed couple have spent their wedding night in separate cells of a Massachusetts jail thanks to the bride trying to run over her hubby’s ex-flame. Marissa Ann Putignano-Keene spotted the woman and her son in a parking lot and decided it was a good a time as any to run her over. Oh and how is this for a twist, guess who was sitting beside her in the car? Hubby of course. Mugshot wedding photos…nice!

Psst Can’t wait to see where they are going for their honeymoon!

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