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That Wedding Went Off With A Big Bang

Welcome to the wedding from hell. The groom at a Brazilian wedding announced he had a surprise for the guests then shot dead the bride and the best man before turning the gun on himself. Police believe the murder suicide by Rogerio Damascena was pre-planned though horrified wedding guests say there was no indication anything was wrong.

Psst Are you thinking what I’m thinking…..best man and bride?


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Good Start

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

I hope this isn’t a bad omen. An Italian bride decided to try a different approach to the throwing of the bouquet . Instead of the traditional over the shoulder throw she hired a small plane to drop the flowers down onto the line of desperate women waiting below. Everything would have gone just fine had the flowers not been sucked into the plane’s engine! While the wedding party waited in anticipation the plane caught fire and exploded. Both pilot and passenger now regret ever having agreed to the stupid idea!


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