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No Refund Wedding Twist

A woman’s worst nightmare… having her groom get cold feet a week before the wedding and bailing. Probably even worse is when the mother of the bride decides to go ahead with the $35,000 wedding (because there is no refund)  and invites local homeless people to the banquet. OK, who am I kidding, great idea, really thoughtful but now every one around the world knows the poor bride got ditched. Anywho, she was too distraught to show so her mom hosted the event at Sacramento’s posh Citizen Hotel. Families and individuals from local shelters arrived to feast on the lavish meal.

PSST Mother and ex bride then flew off the Belize to enjoy the honeymoon. I wonder if the groom’s family had chipped in any of the costs? Come on loons, aren’t you curious?


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Marriage Doomed From The Start

You know what’s awkward? When you have just got married and are celebrating at the wedding reception when you spot a cute waitress and sneak off to the kitchen to have sex and your father-in-law walks in during the middle of it. Worse still, the irate in-law then stops the music and sends everyone home before breaking the news to his daughter. She in turn marches straight to the wedding registry office to demand a divorce, but is refused. That’s Austrian law for ya.

Psst When they finally divorced, the naughty groom married the waitress.


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Bad Start

Oh dear Sharon Hancox didn’t have the best of weddings, in fact it pretty much sucked. It all went sour at the champagne reception with her new wife after Hancock downed 8 pints of larger with champagne at the gay civil ceremony. Evidently she began letting unwelcome guests party with them which lead to a verbal with the club doorman. In response Hancox pulled down her red dress and flashed her tits. That’s when her partner lunged at the doorman and Hancox took off her red high heels and got stuck into him too. Hancox from Swansea was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 60 hours’ unpaid work…oh and £100 compensation and £150 costs. Night to remember.


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