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Holy Matrimony, Batman

There are numerous things you can do with a wedding ring but slipping it on your penis is not one of them. Just ask the Chinese dude who had his stuck for two days. The pain became so unbearable he had no choice but to ring firefighters. It took 90 minutes and a bucket of humiliation before the gold band was cut off. Unfortunately for him, footage of the incident has been making its rounds on social media.

PSST I know what you are thinking Loons but I’m guessing hoping the ring was a man’s extra large.

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Wedding Ring Controversy

Chinese President denies wearing wedding ringThe Chinese State Media have just released a statement  “Talk on the Internet about Xi Jinping wearing a wedding ring at the G20 summit is fake information.” Hmm, seems the married President of China  was none too happy about a lingering shot of his right hand during the G20 Summit which had the Chinese social media abuzz.


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Can’t Take A Trick

Man pawns wedding ring to pay for hookerPawning your wedding ring for $20 to pay for a prostitute is no way to go through life son,  especially when you get caught by cops. Might have a lot of explaining to do to your missus….just sayin. Hmm, I don’t know which is the saddest, getting only 20 bucks for the ring, spending it on a $20 hooker or getting caught?

Want sauce with that?


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One Way To Remove Yor Wedding Ring

On the up side I can't help with the housework for a while

On the up side I can’t help with the housework for a while.

OK, here’s the thing Mr federal prison guard, shooting your finger off to remove your wedding ring during an argument with your wife is a little excessive, don’t ya think? Yes, alcohol was involved and no, the damn ring still stayed on. Now all he has is a mangled finger for his troubles and a very peeved wife.


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