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Worst Wedding Ever

asian girlA jealous lover has turned a Cambodian wedding into a friggin nighmare after he lobbed a grenade onto the dancefloor where the wedding party were happily dancing, killing 9 and wounding 30. Despite police suspecting the man was in love with the bride there have been no arrests made so far.

Psst Bride and groom survived with only slight flesh wounds


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Penisville Sign You Say?

laughing manLocals were able to track down their missing Penisville road sign thanks to the couple who posted photos on Facebook posing next to it during their wedding. Evidently the sign gets stolen a lot.


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Awkward Bride War

Oh dear, watch what happens when a groom’s pregnant mistress , also wearing a wedding dress, rocks up to his wedding to confront the bride. Awkward for him but fun to watch.


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Blood On The Dance Floor

wrongA clumsy reveller at a Yemen wedding has accidentally killed three guests while they we dancing to Gangnam Style. Let this be a lesson to you all, do not wave an assault rifle whilst on the tripping the light fantastic . In an attempt to fire the AK-47 into the air while busting a move he mowed down several guests. The video is currently going viral on Live Leaks.


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Here Comes The BBBBBBride

Bride still marries after falling down stairsThere ain’t anything going to stop this 65 year old woman getting hitched, even falling down a flight of stairs. Yes sirree, after the bride tumbled down the stairs she dusted herself off , despite having a shattered elbow, and limped down the aisle where she was greeted with a chair and a rather horrified groom. After the vows she was taken to a medical center while everyone else enjoyed the reception.


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Wedding Nightmare

Wedding delayed after man cuts off his testiclesWhat’s the worse way to ruin a wedding ? I’m guessing, having some random dude, who had just cut off his balls with a pair of scissors, waltzing into the church covered in blood just as the wedding guest are arriving will pretty much do it. The vicar had to delay the nuptials while he dealt with the man , the blood and the horrified guests. One attendee said “When I went in the church, I saw something on the floor which I could only describe as flesh, which I thought was part of his arm but that was one of his testicles.”


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Say Cheese

You know what I hate? When you use a camera drone at a wedding and it flies smack bang into the groom’s face.


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Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing Diet

Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing DietOMG, some Hollywood yoga guru has asked all the guests invited to her wedding to go on a three-week cleanse before the big day. Evidently, she wants them all ‘to look and feel their best’. The “cleanse” is a special diet designed by none other than the bride to be. You know what? NO. Why can’t people love me for the slob I am, and while you are at it pass me another glass of that sugar free organic champers.

Psst She’s lucky I wasn’t invited!!!


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Hugh Finally Marries Crystal

Hugh Hefner marries Crystal HarrisWell, after a shock breakup in 2011, Hugh Hefner (86) finally put a ring on Crystal Harris’ (26) finger. Following the private ceremony, the glowing bride later zipped off to her computer to change her name on all her social networking sites to Crystal Hefner. Fingers crossed for the wedding night, as Crystal once admitted she had only slept with Hefner once and it lasted “like two seconds”.

Psst Lets just hope the marriage lasts longer than Hugh and lets hope Hugh lives another 20 years.


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Guns and Weddings Don’t Mix

OK people, can you quit with the celebratory gunfire at weddings before someone gets …. oh never mind. At least 25 wedding guests at a Saudi Arabian wedding have been killed after gunfire brought down power lines and started a massive blaze inside a tent.


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