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Groom Jailed For Axing Father At Wedding

OMG, a New Zealand groom who axed his dad at his wedding has been jailed for 5 years. Mark Spencer went ballistic after getting spung  kissing a bridesmaid at his wedding and ended up attacking his dad with a friggin replica medieval axe. Here’s how it all went down. Sis, Louise, spots Mark kissing the bridesmaid … she confronts her bro….he  tells his sister that he and his new wife are swingers and were already having hanky panky with the bridesmaid and her hubby…sis gets a thumping from her bro…Mark’s dad Trevor ,his wife and Louise try to leave… Mark attacks them…runs back into the house and grabs the axe… Trevor gets whacked with the axe requiring 20 stitches. Now Mark is spending his first few years of marriage behind bars. Hmm, how ironic, he will be out in time to celebrate his 6th wedding anniversary…iron!!!!


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Epic Wedding Splash

This is the reason why you should only have skinny people in your wedding party…


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Pole Dancer Kinda Ruins the Wedding

There is always one at every party! Hmm, but look on the bright side, it’s now a viral Youtube video!!!!


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How I Met Your Mother

Remember the killer who had a taxpayer-funded sex change operation and then fought to be sent to a womens prison? Come on, sure you do? Oh well, anywho she’s getting married to a lesbian murderess. The prisoner, previously known as Douglas Wakefield, is tying the knot with Thelma Purchase who is serving a life sentence for murder too (hmm, something in common). Wakefield was originally jailed (as a man) for strangling is uncle, then beating him with a hammer before stabbing him 48 times with a garden fork. Then while in Parkhurst Prison he killed an inmate and twice took prison officers hostage. Meanwhile, the bride got her comeuppance by murdering a disabled man so she could get her hands on £70,000. Now the two will live happily ever after behind bars at New Hall Prison in west Yorkshire, bless.


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Hey, Want to See My Party Trick?

You know what I hate? When guests at a Russian wedding decided to play Russian Roulette in front of a horrified bride and groom not knowing the gun was loaded. I really hate that. Evidently one of the guests, who was giving a toast, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger thinking it was empty, he then passed it to another guest who pulled the trigger and kaboom! A rubber bullet exploded into his skull causing brain damage and paralysis. The video clip of the incident has been posted on Youtube but I think it is inappropriate to show it here but if you are curious click here. The man who owned the gun has been arrested “I expected lots of applause after I did it and never guess someone would repeat it.”


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Bad Start

Oh dear Sharon Hancox didn’t have the best of weddings, in fact it pretty much sucked. It all went sour at the champagne reception with her new wife after Hancock downed 8 pints of larger with champagne at the gay civil ceremony. Evidently she began letting unwelcome guests party with them which lead to a verbal with the club doorman. In response Hancox pulled down her red dress and flashed her tits. That’s when her partner lunged at the doorman and Hancox took off her red high heels and got stuck into him too. Hancox from Swansea was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 60 hours’ unpaid work…oh and £100 compensation and £150 costs. Night to remember.


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Korean Man Marries His Pillow

Oh for crying out loud weird Korean man, marrying your pillow is wrong. OK, the pillow has the Japanese anime girl Fate Testarossa on it, but still, wrong! Prior to the nuptials the couple went to a theme park and rode the rollercoaster and then later they went out to dinner. The man then stuffed Testarossa into a wedding dress for the ceremony and said their I dos. Wanna see the wedding photo? Here it is at Topless Robot.

Psst At least he will get a good night sleep after having some pillow talk ! Geez, I hope Testarossa doesn’t fade, that could get ugly.


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Wedding Turns Into A Funeral

You know what I hate? I hate it when an uncle fires a celebratory bullet after a Indian wedding and kills the groom, I really hate that. Pankaj Kishore Karotia was about to whisk his wife away from the wedding reception when his uncle fired his handgun into the air and accidentally hit his nephew in the head. Awkward. Meanwhile the bride was waiting for him in the car. I am guessing he won’t be going to the funeral.


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Always An Idiot Never A Groom!

Owned by a windmill, could it get any worse?


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Wedding Planners

No shit!

If I was Sherlock and investigating three break-ins at three separate shops including a bridal , Calvin Klein and a formal wear shop in London, Ontario, I’d probably be thinking someone is planning themselves a very cheap wedding. Elementary dear Watson. The thieves stole only clothes (but a great deal of them) at an estimated $10,000 price tag. Sheez, I hope they got the right sizes…wouldn’t that be a bitch!


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