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Special Delivery

You know what I hate? When you are minding your own bee’s wax then…kaboom… a friggin 24lb bundle of weed crashes through your carport roof and nearly kills your pooch. OK, it missed the dog but crushed his kennel. Still kinda hate that. Police suspect someone accidentally dropped the marijuana from an aircraft a little too early.



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Smell Before You Buy

This is some good shit!

Attention people of Arizona, you might want to think twice before taking another puff on your joint. Seems smugglers may be using sewer pipes to transport marijuana from Mexico to the US. Two feces covered bales of marijuana were discovered on a rope feeding into the system following a complaint about a clogged sewer.

Psst Dear lord, have none of you smugglers heard of a plastic bags ?

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If first you don’t succeed, think middle ages. Drug smugglers have been caught on surveillance cameras catapulting packs of cannibis over the Mexican border into the US. Atta boys.The fun ended after the Naco Border Patrol Station watched them for awhile before contacting the Mexican authorities. Yes, they even seized the catapult!


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly


Bah friggin humbug, a German hippie has had his 6ft Christmas tree confiscated. Reason? It was a decorated marijuana plant. The old hippie had it in his living room decorated with a string of lights and was planning to place presents under it until the police ruined it all. Meanwhile German police arrested another man who was busted with a homemade Advent calendar with weed behind each door instead of chocolate. Both are facing drug charges. Falalalala la la la la.


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You Scratch ‘n’ Sniff It You Idiot!

Man, I shouldn't have smoked that!

You have gotta love the Dutch authorities, they have just handed out 30,000 scratch ‘n’ sniff cards with a marijuana scent to The Hague and Rotterdam residents to help them  recognize the smell so they can dob in a dope dealer. Blahahaha hello, what Dutch citizen doesn’t know THAT smell for goodness sakes? Evidently, since it’s legal in the Netherlands to be in the possession of under 5 grams of cannabis, authorities have pretty much ignored the whole marijuana growing issue. Until now. Seems while their backs were turned people have been growing friggin plantations in their apartments. It is estimated that the “green gold” market is now worth $2.8 billion annually. Sheez, wouldn’t that be handy revenue for Schwarzenegger. So anywho, for those Dutch citizens unfamiliar with the smell you can now scratch (just to be sure) before ringing the police number on the card.


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Ding Dong Druggie Calling

You know times are tough when people start selling weed and crack door to door. Unfortunately for Eric Godbolt he knocked on the home of an off duty officer making his home business short lived .

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OK, here’s the thing Bryan Hartman from St Cloud, Florida, don’t be planting marijuana plants in the front of your friggin house. A) because someone could nick them and B) you could get your dumbass arrested. Sheez, who uses weed for landscaping anyways?


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OK, here’s the thing administrators at the Byron Nelson High School in Texas, you might want to do a course in tact before suspending a 16 year old boy for three days because he had bloodshot eyes  and looked like he’d been smoking dope. Turns out the snowflake was simply upset because his dad had been friggin murdered on the weekend.  The boy had begged his mom to let him go to school  so he could be with his friends but before going to class he had to go to the office to get a tardy slip. Big mistake. To make matters worse, despite his mom explaining the situation to the school she had to have him drug tested before he was allowed to return. Of course the results were negative.The boy’s mom who is more than miffed said “We had other things to do this week than worry about a three day window for an appeal, a two hour window for a drug test and my son’s reputation and high school career,”


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Tickle Me Elmo

Oh for goodness sakes Ronald Washington, you shouldn’t be hiding your marijuana in your son’s Elmo backpack, especially when he uses it for kindy. Forward thinking Mr Washington rang the Menallen Elementary School and asked if his son had arrived because he needed to get something out of his bag. Damn straight school officials became suspicious and searched the little boy’s backpack prior to his daddy’s arrival, finding nearly 4 ounces of weed. Yes, the Pennsylvanian troopers were waiting when Mr Washington rolled up!


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Dude, Where’s My Marijuana?

I saw nothing man, nothing!

Oh where, oh where can a truckload of confiscated marijuana be? Hmm, lets see, 1,700 lbs of pot worth $1 million goes missing during a “controlled ” drug delivery from Memphis to Louisville, how could that possibly happen? Let’s not forget the drugs were escorted by the Memphis police and Shelby County sheriff’s deputies. Simply amazing. Maybe it was the weed fairy?


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