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So Who’s The Dope?

OK, here’s the thing Texas cops, if you make an announcement to local news that you have made “one of the largest marijuana plant seizures in the police department’s history,” you might want to make sure it’s marijuana and not just a friggin weed first. Yep, the Corpus Christi officers, who spent hours upon hours pulling up the plants and tagging them after receiving a tip off, were pretty bummed out to discover they weren’t actual marijuana plants at all but Horse Mint, a common prairie flower.


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No I didn’t See Any Rare Orchids

Whoopsie daisy, a workman has successfully killed hundreds of protected rare orchids. Hmm, thinking they were simply weeds he sprayed the 9 different species of rare orchids with herbicide and they all died a few days later.Ecologists who were monitoring the site in Devon were absolutely appalled when they discovered their plants were now brown,withered and dead. It could take up to 15 years for the population to re-established.

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