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There Is No Way I Would Eat That!!!!

OMG. What the hell is that?  That better not be squid or a tongue!!!!


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What The ….

Want a laugh? Check out these ….

15 Lamest Titanic King Of The World Reenactments (inspired by my last post)

Kim Jong Il Looking at things (recommended by Susi Spice before she went AWOL)

and one of my personal favs …

Cats that look like Hitler

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Dance Fail

Oh dear lord  look what happens when Susi Spice teachers Zumba ….


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Death Just Got a Little More Fun

Imagine rocking up in one of these for your funeral? Sheez, why should death be so damn sad and boring when you can have yourself a blast with a  novelty coffin. I’m inclined to go for the cow!

Psst Hmm, hows about a keg coffin , where the drinks are on me?


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SMBC Theater Must Have Had A Budget Cut

In my series of WTF was that video, I present SMBC Theater’s  Nature Documentary….

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Those Friggin Aliens!

Hi, just messing with ya!

OK, no need to panic but WTF, remember NASA’s Voyager 2, the unmanned probe that was blasted off into space 33 years ago? No? Well anywho, the damn thing has begun transmitting bizarre, unintelligible signals according to German UFO expert Hartwig Hausdorf. Mr Hausdorf believes aliens have hijacked the probe which is now located near the edge of the solar system. Hmm, maybe they are just sick and tired of hearing a loop of 70’s music and greetings in 55 different languages so are sending us back some of our own medicine? Oh and NASA’s spin on the thing….  it’s a glitch in the computer memory….. but we know better than to believe them, now don’t we loons!


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No Way I’d Be Feeding My Dog That!

Don’t ask I haven’t a clue but it’s Japanese so you know you are going to say WTF?


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