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Kittens For Your Office

With a kitty crisis in New Zealand, SPCA and Uber are joining forces to offer a Friday “kitten in your office” to companies around Wellington . For $30 you can have a little feline delivered to your office and let loose around your work space. The 15 minute visit is designed to inspire people to adopt a pet. When the idea was first tested in the USA over 300 kittens were adopted. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

cat lol 35

PSST You can book a kitty via the Uber app.


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Cat 1, Train Driver 0

You know what I hate? When a grey short-hair cat sneaks on board a train in New Zealand and goes Chuck Norris all over the driver. I really friggin hate that. The kitty allegedly snuck on at the Wairarapa station and when was confronted by the driver scratched him so badly he required bandages. The train was delayed by 30 minutes while they found a braver assed driver. No word on whether the cat will be charged the usual $18 fare.


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Funeral Crasher

A Wellington funeral home in New Zealand have been forced to stop a man from gatecrashing funerals. The man, who was spotted at between three to four funerals a week, didn’t know any of the deceased and was seemingly just there for the food and leftovers. The man did dress smartly and was very polite, however, when it came to taking food he wasn’t very discreet, he had a backpack full of tupperware containers. When a funeral home staff member finally decided to confront the man, telling him he could attend the funerals but couldn’t take food home, he simply left, never to return.


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It Could Have Kicked Me!

You know what I hate? I hate it when drunk teenagers threaten you with a plastic toy leg. I really hate that. A man who was minding his own business in central wellington, was confronted by three pissed teenagers armed with a knife, a stick and a toy plastic leg. They stole his friggin groceries.


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Big Sook!

WTF? Am I being punkd?

WTF? Am I being punk'd?

Hello, nominations for the next Nanny State are in and it looks like we have a winner. Congrats New Zealand. A man from Wellington is about to face a jury trial for…wait for it…hitting his nephew on the head with a sofa cushion. Hmm, the alleged incident happened on New Years Eve following a fight over the kid’s mom being too overprotective. Despite the mother not witnessing the cushion fight and the kid saying he didn’t really get hurt by the soft force to the head, they are going ahead with the trial. Hmm,Christmas is gonna kinda suck this year .

Psst To be a true Nanny State, New Zealand should follow this up with a complete ban on sofa cushions! For health and safety reasons of course.


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