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Robber Rings To Complain

A robber in Atlanta was so pissed with his measly haul after holding up a Wendy’s restaurant he rang them twice to bitch about it. The man who was wearing a ski mask had walked up to a drive-thru window with a gun and demanded the cash drawer. Later the food chain received a phone call from the man complaining “next time there better be more than $586.” A second call a little while later consisted of the same whingeing remarks.

Psst Sheez he should be grateful they didn’t throw in fries with that!


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Fast Food Rage

All hell broke loose at a Michigan Wendy’s after a food fight erupted. It all started at a drive thru window (where else?) when four customers in a car pelted the employee with hamburgers, fries and drinks after getting the order wrong. The employee, bless their little socks, threw the food back at them, covering their car in ketchup, fries and a drink. Two of the occupants of the car then entered the restaurant and began fighting with the employees. They were later arrested. The employees told police they blamed the fight on a “communication breakdown.” Hmm, or maybe the inability to get an order right….I’m just saying!

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Don’t Eat Chili and Drive

OMG, Eric Gremm, a lumber truck driver, claims the reason he accidentally drove his truck into a Massachusetts home was because…wait for it…he choked on chili from Wendy’s and was knocked unconscious. Geez mister, are you suppose to eat while  driving? Mr Gremm said he began choking after he drove over a bump and the chili got caught in his throat . Brilliant.


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Should Have Checked Mom’s Roster First Fool!

Epic fail and so close to Christmas, shame. Lets just say it wasn’t  Jason Zacchi’s lucky day when  he and his friend (a girl) drove up to the drive-through at  Wendy’s in Dearborn Heights with a sawn off shot gun and demanded money.  Jason thought having a bandanna over his face would be enough to disguise his face  but not when his mom (aka restaurant’s manager) came over to see what all the commotion was about. She recognized her son pretty much straight away and even helped assisted police in the investigation. Mom 1, inheritance 0.


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You Can’t Do That!

Did I say you could ring?

Did I say you could ring?

OK, here’s the thing Wendy’s employees, don’t ring 911 if you haven’t got permission, even if you suspect someone put something poisonous in your drink. Sara Barahona was working at the Jacksonville Wendy’s branch when she took a sip of her drink and thought it tasted odd. When she lifted the lid it was white and foamy. After feeling a bit whoosie she rang 911 but was later reprimanded by her boss for not seeking permission first. It was later determined her drink had been spiked with oven cleaner!


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The Last Straw

A one legged man pulls gun on Wendy's staffWhy is it that fast food brings out the worst in people. A one legged man pulled a gun on staff at a Wendy’s store because they forgot a straw.It all started when Johnathan Hensley and his wife Jessica went to a drive thru in Jonesboro, Arkansas. As they were driving off they noticed they were short some french fries and a straw. Jessica entered the store to make a complaint and one thing led to another and she was kicked out of the premises. At this point Johnathon gets out of his truck and points a .38 caliber pistol at the staff. Anywho police arrive, truck searched, meth lab equipment seized, drugs seized, money seized and Mr Hensley seized. Like fries with that?


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