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Naked Yoga

Yes officer can I help you?

Yes officer can I help you?

OK Loons, there is nothing wrong with doing yoga in a park unless of course you like to do it naked at 10.40 on a Sunday morning. When police arrived at Cortez Park in West Covina they found a completely naked 19 year old in a yoga pose. I’m hoping it wasn’t the Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose…. just saying.

Psst Wouldn’t the grass make her itchy?


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Multi-tasking Fail


OK, here’s the thing snowflakes, if you are skateboarding while texting, it’s gonna end in tears. A 12 year old from West Covina can vouch for that. He was cleaned up by a pickup truck after he skated into traffic while texting on his cell phone. Kaboom!


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