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PC Gone Stark Raving Mad

Has anyone seen my towel?

Darlaston Leisure Centre in the West Midlands have blacked out their windows of their glass panelled swimming pool because Muslim women had complained their modesty was being jeopardized. Now swimmers are left to swim in near dark conditions. One angry visitor said ‘The whole thing smacks of political correctness gone stark raving mad.’ The council said the decision was made after they received complaints from predominantly the Muslim community and a few non Muslim women ‘We received a request from the Muslim Community to protect the modesty of swimmers.’

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Friggin Fat Furnaces

Say it ain’t so, a crematorium in the West Midlands is building a fat furnace. Yes, thanks to the expanding girth of some, they have been forced to fit an extra wide furnace to help eradicate the embarrassing situation of extra large coffins getting wedged. Prior to the installation some funeral directors  had been forced to send bereaved families and coffins to Northampton (some 60 miles away) where they have supersize cremators. Oh and just so you know, West Midlands was recently voted the fattest place in the UK.

Psst So this got me wondering, how do Zoos dispose of the elephants when they die?


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