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One hump or two?

Oh for the love of humps, the West Australian dairy industry is introducing camel milk to the mix.  Camel milk has three times more vitamin C and half the saturated fat of cow’s milk. One small catch…it currently costs $25 a litre.

PSST That is going to be a bitch to milk. Camels are not the most docile of the spitting creatures.


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Perth Gets All Rainbowy Over A Train Ride

This is what happens in my home town every Monday morning on the way to work. Our whole city has sing-a-longs on the public transport systems because it is the happiest place in the world. OK, not really , but some clowns thought they would give it a try. Onya Perth.


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Attention Museum Loving Loons

OK Loons, I have had a request from the cultural complex in Busselton who are competing globally in a …wait for it … ArtGeo Museum Dance Off.  They are competing with 28 other museums around the world (including the Smithsonian)  in a dance comp and they need our votes.  Come on Loons, they are from Western Australia competing with the likes of the Cambridge Museum of Technology in the United Kingdom, the Fine Arts Museum Zanabazar in Mongolia and the Smithsonian’s very own National Museum of American History. Think what your vote could mean? Busselton could become the dance capital of the world!!!!!

This is their video


IMPORTANT : This is how you vote. Go to HERE on the 22nd of April and vote for

Busselton voting



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Loon Was At The RAAF

As the search for Malaysian Airlines flight M370 goes into its third week it has been revealed that the Malaysian Government has so far refused to release the full list of items that were being carried in the cargo hold of the plane to Australian authorities (or anyone else for that matter). This has been raising already suspicious eyebrows about what the plane was really carrying and pissing off the pilots who have unenviable task of looking for a friggin needle in a oceanstack. What is Malaysia hiding?

Anywho, for those who don’t know much about Western Australia, the global contingent of planes that have been arriving from around the world to help in the search are making their home at the RAAF Pearce Airbase in Bullsbrook which is basically “out in the boonies” (downtown rural). The base is quite unique as it is right next to the Great Northern Highway where the planes literally land over you. I drove out there yesterday to check out the activity and have a sticky beak. The Chinese planes had just arrived and were out on the tarmac and the two Japanese aircrafts were coming into land, whilst the poor foreign journos were plonked under trees in a small designated area near the main entrance. When I left they were busily writing up their news updates on fold up tables with their car beams as their only source of lighting (sucks to be them). You would think someone would have set up a makeshift tent for them (the bullants and Mozzies must have been having a field day). Greta and Geraldo will not be impressed if they have to venture this way…. unless, of course, they want to bunker down at the Red Roof Hotel Motel or a B&B at Upperthong.

Oh and before I forget, a big hats off and applaud to all the servicemen and servicewomen from around the globe who have put their political differences aside to help find flight M370 . What a wonderful and surprising world we live in. Bravo guys.









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Closure For Families of Flight MH370

yellow-ribbonWell, after over two weeks of searching for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (and me glued to CNN) it appears it may have crashed off the coast of Western Australia (my back yard).  If the debris turns out to be the missing plane I suspect Perth will become the hub. Our little city (the most isolated in the world) has become quite the news headlines of late. To all the families and friends of the passengers and crew , thoughts and prayers.


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Shark Culling In Western Australia

When the Western Australian Premier, Colin Cullin Barnett decided to kill sharks in Western Australia, following a spate of shark attacks (2), he opened a big can of berley. People are up in arms that the endangered Great White Sharks is now the State’s most wanted enemy. Personally, I am more appalled that the government is willing to waste millions of dollars to protect a few unlucky humans (natural selection)  when the money could be better spent on hospital equipment that WILL save hundreds of lives. Priorities.  Anywho, on the weekend I wandered over to Cottesloe beach to join in the shark culling protest because I knew I would find some fellow loons …







Hmm, wrong protest. The shark finning protest was last week!

Hmm, wrong protest. The shark finning protest was last week!

One for you Androgoth!!

One for you Androgoth!!





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Millipedes 1, Commuters 0

Ever since those damn Black Portuguese millipedes were introduced to Australia by accident in the 1950s they have been nothing but trouble. Who knew the black hard shelled beasts, with hundreds of legs, breed in plague numbers and have no natural predator? You can try killing them but there is another army of them waiting in the wings. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear that these nasty little terrorists gathered on my city’s railway line and caused a train crash. Yep, thousands if not millions of them lay their little bodies on the line, and well, you can imagine what happened when a train tried applying its brakes……a slippery mess. Fortunately the train was going slow when it hit a stationary train.  I suspect this is just a first in string of events in their attempt to take over the world.

Psst The train union believes this is all BS .


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Drunk Driver From Hell

Perth driver from hellOK, here’s the thing drunk dude. Driving a truck while towing a trailer with a tractor on it and jack-knifing it in an attempt at making a three point turn …. silly. Driving off after the trailer (with tractor on it) rolls down a hill, through a four-way intersection and kabooms into a parked car… stupid. A few hours, later after having been charged with DUI, you jump in a ute with only three wheels and drive about 8km on the rim …. loser. It was the sparks and the gouge in the road that let you down son!!!

Psst Friggin Perth, home of the loon!!!!


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I’ll Take Hurricane Sandy and Raise You Cyclone Narelle

Holy mother of all beers, look at what is is heading our way. Cyclone….run. Yes, as if 9 days straight of 40 degree (105 f) heat wasn’t bad enough we are about to get hit by a figgin  cyclone. This photo was taken by Sam Woodcock yesterday as cyclone Narelle closes in on the coast. See Bearman, I told you WA beer aint weak as piss!!!!

Cyclone Narelle about to hit WA


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Fourth Shark Fatality

Maybe not!!!

Feet up Perth. Another shark attack, this time near Busselton. So far there have been four fatal shark attacks off the West Australian coast in less than a year. Why can’t I stop the Jaws theme playing in my head?


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