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Perth Is One Of The Most Hated Airports in the World

As the loon waits at the Melbourne airport after spending a week up a tree in the Apple Isle imagine my shock/horror to discover Perth Airport has been voted one of the most hated airports in the world. Bravo, at last we are good at something. Talk about third world! Not so much as a public bus or train in sight. It’s worth flying there just to experience it firsthand!


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Feet Up Perth

Could Perth have a serial killer shark on the loose? A 3m white pointer is believed responsible for the death of an American man who had been diving off Rottnest Island today. Hello, this is the third victim in seven weeks. OK, no one is saying it’s the same shark but if it is…yikes! The man, believed to be on a working holiday, was diving alone when the shark attacked. By the time his friends saw the “flurry of bubbles” it was all too late. Authorities have now been given the all clear to kill the rogue shark. Hmm, aren’t all white pointers rogues?



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Kimberley Ultramarathon Tragedy

The Kimberley “Racing the Planet” Ultrmarathon has been cancelled after 4 runners suffered serious burns when they became trapped in a gorge during a bushfire. The competitors, 2 men and 2 women,  were running through the gorge during the 100km event when a fire whipped up and caught them by surprise, leaving them with nowhere to hide. Both women have suffered 60-80 percent burns to their bodies, whilst the 2 men have 10-20 percent burns.  This event was suppose to showcase the Western Australian region to the world. Thoughts and prayers.


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Oldest Evidence of Life Found In Western Australia

Hey darl, did you know we are the original bloodline? Now get me another beer!!!

Well blow me down with a feather, it seems Western Australia, has unearthed the oldest evidence of life on Earth. No, not me you silly billies. They found a fossil that they believe is more than 3.4 billion years old. OK, the fossil is a friggin bacteria but it was living without oxygen. Suck that one up Greenies!!!!

Psst Dear god, does that mean everyone is descended from Aussies?


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Honey, Come See What I’ve Done With the Garden

Hmm, I think someone misinterpreted the meaning of rock garden!

Lets see them read the meter now!!!!


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Wenowation Sale

Someone has a sense of humor ….. Yesterday I passed this shop in Maylands and couldn’t resist taking a shot.

Someone has a sense of humor!!!!


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Missing Galah In My Loungeroom

Oh for the love of god has anyone lost a friggin pink and grey galah called Oscar? He is currently in my lounge room eating my curtains. OK, I don’t have curtains but if I did??????  He is tame but hates being in a friggin cage . DO I LOOK LIKE A FRIGGIN BIRD SANCTUARY?????


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When Nature Calls

Boxing Day specials

You know when god is messing with you when temperatures soar to over 104 degrees (40 Celsius) and everyone flocks to the beach only to be told to get the hell out of the water …SHARKS!!!!! Welcome to Western Australia.


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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

You know what I hate? When you are sitting at your computer minding your own beeswax and a tiger snake bites you on the toe. Even worse….you die. Michael Thorpe from Gingin in Western Australian was on his computer when the 30 cm reptile chomped  his toe. Sadly, the venom spread before he sought medical attention and died.  Sheez, everybody, feet up!


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Catch Me If You Can!

Why do we have police, again?

Welcome to political friggin correctness insanity. Western Australian police have been banned from  describing OFFENDERS by their nationality, race or religion. They are now limited to just saying if the suspect is light or dark skinned. Reason? Seems using ethnic descriptions “reinforced negative stereotypes” and is basically racist. Oh for crying out loud, if they are friggin criminals who gives a shit. The objective of police is to catch the baddies, not friggin care about goddamn civil libertarian bullshit. The police commissioner is defending the policy saying that public can often get the ethnic description wrong thus hindering the investigation. Give me a friggin break and give the public some credit, surely police can use “MAYBE of Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Australian descent”. When will we stop protecting the friggin criminals and start protecting the victims? If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it’s usually a friggin duck! Or is that a non mammal with feathers?

Psst You watch this law fly out the window the moment a politician or their family member becomes a victim!


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