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Here’s a Mystery

A dead humpback whale has been found in the Amazon jungle. That’s it, I got nothing!


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Tall Tale

You know what I hate? When you are on a boat and a friggin humpback whale whacks you with its tail, breaking your collarbone. I really friggin hate that! 13 year old Drew Hall was fishing in a 5 meter boat with his parents when a pod of whales surfaced. Next thing he knows he’s flying through  the air after one of the humpback lifts it tail and kaboomed him.

And on that note another excuse to play beached whale bro….


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I’ll Have A Humpback Burger Thanks

OMG, a Japanese survey revealed that 6 state run schools have whale meat on their school menu and even worse, over 5,300 schools have served the majestic mammal to students at least once during the year. Hmm, I guess now we know what their “scientific” research purposes are, offloading the meat that restaurants won’t use to schools at one third of the price!

Psst Sheez, they must have friggin enormous bento boxes!


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Beached Az and the Gangsta Bears

Hmm, just when you thought it was safe to get beached with a New Zealand whale, a new cartoon has reared it’s ugly head. Eh bro.

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