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Woman Wheels Around Body

Honey,sweetie, darl, pushing a rubbish bin around a California neighborhood with a dismembered body in it is gonna attract attention. Carmen Montenegro was arrested after residents noticed the body parts sticking out of the bin as she wheeled it around the streets. A relative of the woman allegedly told news reporters Montenegro had come to the neighborhood  looking for someone to help dispose of it.  No word on who the victim is.

Psst Might be Bernie!


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Friggin Neighborhood Watch

For the love of a wheelie bins, what the hell were you thinking? An 81 year old man was rescued  after he rowed out to sea in wild weather to retrieve his neighbors wheelie bin. The pensioner from Anglesey in North Wales spied  the bin being swept out to sea during high tides and did what all good neighbors do, jumped in his dinghy and began rowing. The man somehow managed to secure the wheelie bin to his dinghy by rope and then began to row back in. That’s when the trouble began. The wind was so strong he kept getting blown out to sea and eventually drifted a mile offshore. Enter lifeboat crew. The idiot man, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket or waterproof clothing, is now recovering from mild hypothermia. Here’s a photo of the wheelie bin and dinghy.

Psst When the rescue crew retrieved the wheelie bin it was  still half full with rubbish.


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Friggin Wheelie Bins

Deadly weapon

You know we all have to die some way, but rolling down a hill in a wheelie bin, gosh. John Peake was known as an “extreme dude” who liked better than to have a laugh, drink beer with the boys and look for an adrenaline rush. Unfortunately his life came to a sudden and tragic end after he and a friend lay on top of a wheelie bin and rode it down a steep descent in NSW. The bin hit a gutter and he flew headfirst into a tree.

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