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News Of The World Whistleblower Found Dead

I was hoping this wasn’t going to happen but yes the whistleblower behind the collapse of News of The World has been found dead. Journalist Sean Hoare who blew the lid on the phone hacking scandal was discovered in his Watford home. Mr Hoare became synonymous with the scandal after telling The New York Times that Andy Coulson (the editor at the time) had encouraged staff to intercept the phone calls of celebrities. Police are not treating Mr Hoares death as suspicious. Really?


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What a Coincidence!

Doh, I can't remember what I told them!

Suicide? Murder? Suicide? Murder? Hmm, when a doctor suddenly dies of salad poisoning after spilling the beans about protesters being tortured in Iran’s prisons, you can pretty much suspect foul play. Oh yeah, especially when investigators say they are unsure whether Ramin Pourandarjani deliberately laced his salad with poison or it was put there without his knowledge! Odds are people, if you are going to kill yourself you wouldn’t bother about the salad part! Oh and this is after Imadinnerjacket’s cronies initially said he died in a car accident, whoops, did I say heart attack, oh no I meant suicide. Geez, make up your mind already!


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