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RIP Barney

Remember George W Bush’s adorable Scottish terrier, Barney? Well sadly, Barney passed away over the weekend. He will best be remembered for his guarding of the South Lawn entrance of the White House like a Secret Service agent and his Christmas videos. RIP.


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You’re On Your Own!

Can't wait for that shower!

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen to survive a nuclear blast don’t be expecting anyone to be coming to your rescue anytime soon. In fact the White House has warned state and local governments they’d be damn lucky if a response from a “nuclear” terrorist attack happened within 24-72 hours. Hello, if  Hurricane Katrina is anything to go by, I’d be thinking  more likely 350hrs to NEVER! So if by some off chance you are caught in a 10 kiloton nuclear explosion here’s what the government suggests you do, unless of course you’ve already been vaporized, stay indoors, have a shower and wait. Pretty easy to remember.


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You Gotta Get The Spelling Right!

OK, one more time Anna Bligh (Queensland Premier), the President of the United States’ name is spelled Barack not Barrack. So if you wanted Obama to visit your State during his visit to Australia you should have maybe  had someone proof read the official invitation before it was sent to the White House. Awkward!


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Who? What? Where? Huh? Oh Shit!

Sorry, closed for Christmas!

Blahahhahahaha , sorry for laughing but the White House said today there was no “smoking gun” which could have alerted the US intelligence agencies to the possible threat of a terrorist attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Hmm, so let me get this straight, the fact that Abdulmutallab was banned from flying into UK, bought a one way ticket to the US with cash, had no luggage and his father had contacted the US embassy warning them of  his son’s links to Al Qaeda weren’t smoking enough for them. Damn, what do you have to do, put friggin explosives in your undies and inject a needle full of acid  to get any attention around here? Geez, so can someone explain to me  why  I get friggin searched every time I go through customs… what the hell have they got on me ????? Damn you Kim Jong Il !

Psst John Brennan (Obama’s top adviser) should have kept his mouth shut instead of sprouting this winner…. “no single piece of intelligence — no smoking gun if you will — that said Mr Abdulmutallab was going to carry out this attack”.


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Obama In The Doghouse

You think Michelle Obama was less than impressed that hubby got off the lead to do a little salsa with Latin pop star Thalia? He might need that Nobel Peace prize after all. The incident happened at the Fiesta Latina event at the White House. Move over Bo I’m coming in!


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Scary Thought Alert

Hey, who disconnected my tweets?

Hey, who disconnected my tweets?

Here’s something that might have slipped on by without you noticing. A U.S. Senate bill was proposed recently, handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet (Hmm, would that be  Twitter, Facebook and anything else that gives instant news updates?). Holy Hurricane Katrina Batman, had George Bush only had that power! The 553 page draft allows the president to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” relating to “non-governmental” computer networks and allows him (or eventually her) to do what’s necessary to respond to the threat (what, like disable people’s access to live sources?) . Thank’s Iran, that’s your fault!  Hmm, in the perfect world Internet companies and civil liberties groups should have the power to turn off governments!

Psst Might come in handy during Presidential elections!


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