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Friggin Shark Attacks

If you go down to the beach today you’re sure of a big surprise. It’s friggin closed. Port Kennedy beach in Rockingham, Western Australia, will be closed until further notice after a man was taken by a 5m White Pointer shark in shallow water. Daniel Guest was snorkeling with his father Brian Guest in the early morning hours when suddenly the water turned red.Though Daniel didn’t see anything , he knew it couldn’t be good and high tailed it out of the water. A witness on the beach, however, saw a huge friggin shark leap from the water with what looked like a person in its mouth before the waters went still. The witness ran to a nearby house to raise the alarm and then returned to find a shaking and stunned Daniel sitting on the sand unable to speak. Only small fragments of Mr Guest’s wetsuit have been found despite a massive sea and air search. A huge white pointer was later seen swimming up to a rescue vessel.The thing with shark attacks, isn’t the fact that they can rip you into friggin two, but the fact that they already have you in their sight long before you even know its in the water. Last year two sharks worked together to attack a surfer in Margaret River. One shark came from a great depth right under the board and bumped him off, while the other one waited to eat him as he fell off.

UPDATE : Oh no, the shark which killed  Mr Guest,  has also made an appearance at today’s memorial service held at the spot where Mr Guest was last seen. Cruising just off shore near the attack scene the shark was spotted by local swimmers and the beach promptly closed. OK, it might not have been the exact same shark but it was a friggin shark!


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