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CBS Evacuated

Run famous people, run!!! Police have evacuated CBS building in Hollywood after a suspicious white powder spilled out of a letter. Damn straight al Qaeda hate David Lettermen. Hmm, just don’t tell them he works out of New York. No word on who the letter was addressed to but it wasn’t Nancy or Chaz.

Psst Hollywood. White powder. I have a fair idea what it probably is!


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Fashion Faux Pas

You are a female employee at Marc Jacobs in Soho … a package arrives …. you open it … it has white powder in it … OMG … you ring the cops fearing anthrax ….. they take it away for testing …. it’s cocaine …. WTF …. so they take YOU away for questioning. Another day in the life of NYPD blues!

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And The Lesson Today

Dear parents, if your child happens to be behaving rather oddly of late we fear he/she may have tried a small bag of white powder handed out by a third grader. Sorry for any inconvenience. An 8 year old at Turner Elementary School in Pittsburgh has had around 60 small bags, of what is feared to be heroin, confiscated by police after he was allegedly caught handing them out to students. The substance is currently being tested. Letters have been sent to parents explaining the situation. Hmm, good luck with that!

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Honey, Why Are My Teeth Glowing?

Just having a glass of water!

OK, people of Massachusetts, no need to panic just quite yet but the fluoride being put into your drinking water is from China and for some reason it ain’t dissolving. Rob Desmarais  the Department of Public Works Director said when he mixed the white powder with water, 40% of it didn’t dissolve and he doesn’t know what it is “It’s not soluble, and it doesn’t appear to be sodium fluoride.” Oh dear. Despite both the state and federal health officials claiming Chinese fluoride is safe Amesbury have turned off their fluoride pumps until they find out exactly what’s in it oh because the gunk is clogging their pumps. Good luck with that!


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