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Whitney Has A Welcoming Party In Heaven

OK, this is seriously funny, especially when Whitney explains what really happened.


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Whitney Tribute By 90 Year Old

One of Whitney Houston’s oldest fans posted a tribute to the singer on Youtube.  This 90 year old is legally blind and very hard of hearing but just loves to dance.  You go girl.



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Whitney Houston Laid To Rest

OK, can we stop playing “I Will Always Love You” NOW!!!!!


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Flaming Whitney Houston Vigil

A Whitney Houston fan accidentally set her house on fire after lighting candles  during a vigil for the dead singer. Now her living room is a melted mess.


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Whitney Houston DEAD

Singing legend Whitney Houston has been found dead at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel. Whitney Houston became one of the top-selling artists in pop music history but her meteoric rise to fame was followed by a enormous spiral into drug taking. Her once powerful voice could no longer hit the high notes and it was rumored she was virtually penniless. Whitney once said “The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy,” Whitney had been talking to her relatives about  attending the Clive Davis pre Grammy party just an hour before she was found dead. Whitney Houston was 48. Rest in peace.


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I Will Always Hate You

OK, here’s the thing man who loves Whitney Houston, you play, “I’m Every Every Woman” and 50 Cent songs over and over again (really loud) at all hours of the day and night and be sure the police will break your friggin door down and confiscate your CDs and stereo,  OK!!!  Hmm, luckily or unluckily it appears by the dude’s  CD collection his taste was very limited, as they didn’t find very many.  Liam Flannery, a Shepway environmental health officer said ‘It must have been a nightmare for the other people living there.’


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Whitney Envy

O…M…G, if there was ever a reason not to encourage a kid to sing.Watch as psycho child screeches and curses trying to hit the high notes on the Whitney Houston classic. Hmm, she shouldn’t feel so bad Whitney can’t hit them notes either! Dear god she is going to be somebody’s wife one day!

Psst Hmm, are you sure this isn’t a Rosie O’Donnell offspring?

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