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It Takes Two Hands

Oh for crying out loud, pulling into a Burger King drive thru without any pants, holding your penis and asking the female employee if she would like to handle a “Whopper” is so immature, especially when you are 52! Police pulled over Richard C. “Rick” Troupe after the woman wrote down his tag number and they are currently investigating the allegations.


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Friggin Spit In Your Whopper!

We now know what the special sauce was in that Whopper! Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Bylsma from Washington state is suing Burger King after finding a gob of spit in his burger. The deputy claims in March this year he entered a Vancouver store and ordered a meal but got an uneasy feeling about two staff members.That’s when he lifted the top half of the bun and found a big ol’ gob of spit. Being a cop ,of course he got the two employees DNA tested as well as the saliva and viola a match! He is seeking $75,000 in damages.

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