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Lottery Winners Epic Fail

Lottery winners accidentally blow up houseIf you happen to win $75,000 in a lottery, what is the first thing you are going to do? Well, if you are two brothers from Wichita, you buy yourself some weed and meth and accidentally blow your friggin house up. Seems you gotta be real careful with large cans of butane lighter fluid when using a bong. All together now ….kaboom! One brother was taken to hospital (still wearing a lottery T-shirt) while the other toddled off to jail. Is that you Darwin, laughing in the background?


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Miracles Do Happen, Just Not This Time

A man in Wichita, Kansas, spent a week living with the body of his dead fiance hoping if he prayed hard enough she might come back to life. Sadly, the miracle didn’t happen. Police discovered the body of the woman in bed after relatives became concerned about her. Police believe there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.


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As Useless As A Fart In A Thunderstorm

Oh dear lord!

OK, fess up, which one of you Prairie P & P’s was it? Paul Weigand from Wichita, Kansas, thought he could get around the mandatory seat belt law by wearing himself a belt made from an old seat belt because technically he was wearing it …it just wasn’t attached to anything. Hmm, the judge explained to him in court that, yes, the law didn’t specifically state the belt had to be “attached” BUT the intent of the law was to protect drivers and his job was to follow the intent of the law. So basically that was a $126 smart ass idea. In his defense Weigand said he refused to wear a seat belt because he had a phobia about being trapped in a burning car …ala Harry Chapin. Hmm, how’s about a phobia of flying head first through a windshield straight into a tree?

Psst Yes, he wore his fake belt as he left court, just in case you were wondering!

Want sauce with that? Seriously, check out the dude in the vid…hilarious.


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Keep The Change

OK, here’s the thing Wichita man, if you pay your drug dealer with monopoly money there is going to be retribution when he finds out. A man bleeding from the head in Wichita, Kansas, told police he had been bashed by an upset drug dealer after he used several hundreds of dollars of monopoly money to buy crack cocaine. He claims he was pistol whipped and punched after they tracked him down a few weeks later but refuses to tell police anymore details.

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Jesus Fails On eBay

OMG, well Jesus to be exact, failed to make an impression on eBayers. Hmm loons, didn’t I mention that the face of Jesus appeared on the toilet door of some dude from Wichita, Kansas? Whoops, guess not!  Anywho, the dude  whacked it on eBay and guess what? It made jack. Yes, despite all the proceeds of the “Jesus on a bathroom door”  being donated  to the earthquake victims of Haiti it failed to even reach the reserve price of 99 cents! I am guessing no one wants to do their business with Jesus staring at them!

Is that Jesus?


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