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She Lives

Despite popular belief that Kim Jong Un’s wife had been executed, the  unluckiest woman in the world  has been dragged brought out into the public to attend a lavish banquet. It’s the first time Mrs Kim Jong Un has been seen in public since December.  The banquet was in held in honour of the latest hydrogen bomb test. It is believed the missus was hidden away due to a pregnancy. Gossip surrounds the couple’s  other two children with Kim Jong Un. Bets are they are girls as they have never been seen in public. Fingers crossed the latest is a boy or we might not be seeing her again.

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At Least It Won’t Be A Life Sentence

To get away from my wife, and you?

To get away from my wife, and you?

A Kansas dude decided that he would prefer to be in jail than be with his wife, so he robbed a bank. Job done. The disgruntled hubby, who had a fight with the missus, walked into a bank with a note stating it was a hold up. They handed him $3000 and he promptly went and sat down. He waited for security to take him into custody. No word on the wife, but I’m guessing she will be even more pissed.

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McUnhappy Meal

Seal burgerI’m guessing the worse thing about assaulting your wife with a McChicken burger is that it will be on your permanent record. The Des Moine dude claimed he chucked the offending burger at his pregnant wife because he hates them. Hmm, but when police arrived at their house the wife , who was covered in mayonnaise, claimed her hubby had smashed it in her face.


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While You Were Sleeping Again

sleepingOh for crying out loud. Remember the jealous wife from China who gave her hubby sleeping pills before chopping off his penis and flushing it down the loo? Yeah her.Well, guess what? Hubby went back to his wife for the sake of the kids but behind her back was looking for a new woman to take over, just in case she had to go to prison. Wifey-poo got wind of his little plan and grabbed those sleeping tablets again. Yep, she chopped off everything left in his gential region before handing herself in to police.

Psst Hubby might just have to look after the kids himself now 😦


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Hubby Assaulted With Toast And Butter

cave womanA British woman is going on trial after she assaulted her hubby with toast and butter. Seems her hubby wasn’t helping out with the chores so, after brooding about it overnight, she threw toast at him. He didn’t react so she grabbed a handful of butter and rubbed it in his face. Well, yes, that got a response … from police. What a jam!!!

Psst I bet the dishes will be piled up in the sink when she gets home…just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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I Don’t Think She Is Going To Apologize

Man lives in tree waiting for apologyOK, here’s the thing mister, make sure you really, really think about your threats before following through with them. Sanjay from India was so upset when he caught his wife cheating on him with his neighbor he climbed up a guava tree and refused to come down until she apologized. He’s still there ….nine months later.


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Man Goes Feral Over Undercooked Pizza

Man tries to drown wife in dog bowlWord of warning lady loons, never, ever undercook your man’s  pizza . Some guy tried to drown his wife in a dog bowl after he got pissed about the soft crust. Seems it wasn’t to his liking so he did what any pizza loving dude would do, he rubbed the missus’ face in the dog’s water bowl. When police arrived she was still dripping wet. Hmm, that’s a attempted murder, strangulation and battery charge right there.

Psst Florida


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Hope It Wasn’t Multigrain

Attention Nebraskian men, if you are going to push your wife on the bed and rub a sandwich in her face , that’s a five day jailing right there. Evidently he was pissed at her for making him live in the country. No word on what kind of sandwich it was.


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Kim Jong Um Sitting In A Tree

Well blow me down with a feather if Kim Jong Um hasn’t got himself a girlfriend. The mystery woman has yet to be named but she appears to be in her mid 20s and has been seen wearing a yellow polka dot dress. Rumors are abound with suggestions it is either his sister or his wife.


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What Are The Chances?

You are recently married and have a serious kidney ailment. The kidney your mother donated several years before is about to fail the the only chance of survival is finding someone with a 99% kidney match (1% of the population) who is willing to give it over. You think, oh crap. Then the doctor tells you they have found a perfect match….your new wife!!! Seriously dude, you are one lucky bastard. Get well soon Jonathan Woodlief.


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