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Who Could It Be Now?

OK don on your deerstalkers loons, we have a mystery to solve. Last week I didn’t bothered to write about the gag order a judge gave to all media in Britain to stop the naming of a well known (and supposedly happily married) actor who slept with prostitute Helen Wood (Yep,  of  Wayne Rooney fame). I didn’t particular care  who, what, where or how (OK, how could have been interesting) though I  did think it was strange a court could have such power. Anywho, now I discover that Wikipedia did a Wikileaks and named him. OK, someone who added content outed him and not just once, but each time the entry was deleted (bet it was probably his pissed off wife). The entry has disappeared again and  see now,  curiosity is killing the cat. Who the hell was it? Hmm, I can’t think of a well known British actor who is happily married for starters!


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Wiki Did It!

It was the b.......

Whoopsie, Wiki is in trouble again. Remember the world’s longest running play Mousetrap? Yes? Well Wikipedia have revealed the friggin ending and Agatha Christie’s family are not amused. The whole mystic of the play was that at the end of the play the audience is sworn to secrecy about whodunnit. Now, not only has the plot with its twist and turns been revealed, so too the ending. It’s enough to make a butler weep.

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