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Nice knowing you!

Let this be a lesson to you all, being a whistleblower in a democratic society will only end in tears. Just ask Julian Assange! Wikileaks founder has just been arrested in England on rape charges stemming from a one night stand in Sweden a few months ago. Assange handed himself into British police but has sworn to fight extradition to Sweden . Oh and surprise , surprise, he’s been refused bail. Hmm, I’m guessing that will be the last we ever see of Assange. Question is, will they make it look like an accident or will he be donning on the orange jumpsuit for eternity?

Psst Seems the woman crying rape  has a link to the CIA. Anna Ardin worked for a feminist anti-Castro group, the Ladies in White, which was led by Carlos Alberto Montaner, who is connected to the US Central Intelligence Agency. Hmm, what are the odds?


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And Cue Eyebrow Raise

That's just bull!!

Gosh, poor old  Julian Assange releases a few thousand sensitive US government military documents (over 75,000 to be exact) on his website Wikileaks and next thing he knows he’s being accused of rape and molestation. Hmm, if I was even an itsy bit cynical !!! Swedish authorities are claiming the “alleged” incidents happened on Mr Assange’s recent trip to Sweden.

Psst Sheez, in the good old days they would have just bumped him off and made it look like  suicide!

UPDATE : Call off the dogs, Swedish police have withdrawn the warrant.


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